Men & Women in Sheds at Loughborough Christmas Market

We had a stall at Loughborough Christmas Charity Market on Sunday 24 November. We sold items made by Men and Women in Sheds, Loughborough, a lot of them were made using reclaimed and recycled materials. We made over £400 towards the cost of keeping the Shed open.

Stall at Loughborough Christmas Charity market
A very Christmassy display!
Treasure hunt for the children – £1 to have 3 goes to find the treasure under a festive cup.
Christmas Tree with ornaments made at The Shed
Christmas ornaments made at The Shed

Raising funds to keep the Shed running

We get amazing support from AgeUK, Charnwood Borough, Leicestershire County Council and others but we need to raise more money to keep the Shed operating.

We make and sell items at various events and also receive commissions for things like benches and planters. See our Sales page >>

Since July we’ve raised more than £5,000! See our chart below. We’re aiming to raise £12,500 for the year – so we’re pretty much on target.

We’ve raised £5000 since July

“Outstanding” award for our Garden!

Outstanding certificate in Britain in Bloom awards
Certificate from Britain in Bloom

We’ve been awarded “Outstanding” in the “It’s your Neighbourhood” section of the Britain in Bloom awards.

The garden was judged on 3 criteria:

  • Community Participation
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Gardening Achievement

and we received 87 out of 100 possible points which gave us the top Level 5 – OUTSTANDING.

Last year we achieved level 4 so all the hard work this year has paid off.

This is how the “garden” was when we started
Starting to build the raised beds in 2016
Completed raised beds and decking made by Men in Sheds. Veg coming along nicely. This year the vine on the south-facing wall produced delicious grapes.